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Art direction on packagings and design of star anise and fastening system on packs of the starry Christmas collection of Hédiard, manufacturing follow-up. © Delatour Design Paris / Hédiard. Royal River Edition.


Art direction, pack design, product design, manufacturing follow up





A Luxury Christmas packaging collection.

It was a great challenge for Delatour Design Paris studio to design the Christmas collection of renowned french luxury food brand Hédiard Paris.

Hédiard is a very old french "Maison" existing since 1854 and which  started as a colony product importer, providing France with the most high quality exotic products from all over the world. From fruits, cocoa, coffee and tea, the brand evolved to become slowly one of the most luxurious and respected « épicerie » and catering in France.

The theme of the collection was to be the Star Anise, and all products of the collection were therefore to be flavoured with it. It so made sense to display the « star » of the collection on each product.
Our job, as a design studio, was to come up with a volume symbol to adorn the boxes, a way of fixation on the packaging and of course the global Art Direction of the collection.

We started to work on 2d drawings, up to computer 3d models, then 3d printed stars check sizes and fragility of the design. We made mockups of the boxes, chose the colors and proposed fixation ideas. From there we came up with metal prototypes and fixation tests, which came out to be specifically tricky as the Star had to be able to stay on a wide range of boxes and jars, all of them of different shapes. Ribbon and seal were to complete the set, hence combining the white color of the boxes with black, red and gold (black and red being the signature colors of the brand).

The client loved the project, and the operation and was an amazing commercial success.
We even ended up even manufacturing the Anise Medal on the packagings as well as giant Anise Stars placed on the facade of the flagship store in Paris as well as the show windows.
It was a real honor to work with such a historically rich and beautifull brand, and an amazing design experience. It is also great to take care of such a project from begining to the end, to go through all the stages of consulting to conception and manufacturing.

Do you need a Christmas collection ? Don’t hesitate and ring us !

Jimmy Delatour, founder of Delatour Design studio.

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