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Branding, Art direction, Logo & brand identity design, labels and packagings design of the Vegan Supplements brand Herb Llama . New York, USA based Brand, Organic products. © Studio Delatour Design Paris / Herb Llama.


Art direction, Packaging Design,

Graphic Design, logo design, label design, creative consulting.


Herb Llama, New York, USA.

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Full creative freedom on a Vegan Supplements branding

Not often can a design studio or an agency say it was given full creative trust on a branding.


A lot is at stake when you are in change of creating a new brand. A wrong positioning towards the concurrence or a brand image not fitting to the selling price, a wrong tone or a wrong target and your product can become a extreme niche product or even, let’s say it plainly, a complete fiasco.
Our client, with who we collaborated previously and successfully on another branding project, came to us to develop a new brand of vegan, natural and American made supplements & vitamins.
The target was to be young adults and adults and the name Herb Llama. The difficulty being in proposing a fun and up-beat brand without excluding adults, which meant that the brand had to have a “cool & trendy” vibe to it.

After several designs and a bit of convincing, we went with a logo proposal with the llama symbol and the name hand written inside of the belly of the animal, very much not standard and quite audacious when it comes to health care products. It was our number 1 choice within the studio team for its boldness and fun character, we were totally thrilled! We associated this quirky logo with different symbols and sayings like “herb Llama loves you”, “vegan & seriously good for your health” and strong typographic blocks on the containers label to balance the illustrative feeling of the logo and to set the tone of the brand. A strong yellow background for the main product and brand communication and a variation of colors for the different products labels. We at the studio just loved this branding project !

We are so happy that our client entrusted us with this challenge and went for a branding option that could feel for many like a leap of faith. Daring is always easier for a design studio than for a client who has much more to lose. Of course every brand creation includes its fair amount of risks, and standing out among the crowd might be one of the biggest, but boldness can bring so much more in return.

Thank you Liz for placing your trust in us!

Jimmy Delatour, founder and designer at Delatour Design Studio, Paris. /

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