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As a global design studio, Delatour Design Paris offers its know-how and creative expertise in branding, packaging since 2008.









From the creation to the enrichment of your brand, through services ranging from graphics, packaging design, print and web communication, logo, product and retail design, illustration, art direction and consulting ; the Delatour Design Paris studio supports you.

"Because brands have to constantly reinvent themselves, we position ourselves in a global creative approach, decompartmentalizing design in a multidisciplinary approach sensitive to the product, its use and its image. "



What is the difference between a design studio and an independent / freelance designer?

If a freelance designer can, depending on his talent and experience, provide you with a quality creative service, a studio is there to support you from A to Z in your brand creation project (logo / branding), graphic design or  packaging design. He will be able to advise you in a transversal manner, taking into account your target, your market, your competitors, and will advise you as much in the art direction to adopt, as in the marketing and story-telling options to take, to bring consistency, strength and evidence to your image. Maybe like many you think a studio has higher prices than a good freelance designer ... Well no!


How does our design studio work?

Delatour Design Paris is a small studio based in Paris, France. We work with French and international clients, with small and well known brands. From 3 permanent collaborators, we can go up to a team of 10 or 15 designers, webmasters, illustrators, graphic designers, writers, all independent and specialized according to the needs of your project. Jimmy Delatour, designer, creative director and founder of the studio brings together the entire team to achieve a relevant and coherent result. The flexibility of our studio and its propensity to grow or shrink depending on the project makes us very responsive and very competitive and allows our clients not to bear the classic operating costs of a large agency, while taking full advantage of our advice and our expertise in different sectors, such as logo creation, brand identity (or branding), packaging design or even graphic creation for internet and print communication media. We believe in strong Art direction, regardless of your brand's industry sector. We will help you discover or rediscover who you are, to better talk about you.
We will adapt to your budget as best as possible in order to create a tailor-made solution for you, invoicing by the day or by the project according to your needs. We work remotely with most of our clients but are always available to meet at our studio or at your premises.


Expertise in branding, packaging design and many other skills ...

A brand is like a story for us, each one is specific and has its own DNA. It is a whole, homogeneous and coherent, the very essence of our work is therefore not only graphic creation and design, it is a global Art direction. A brand does not go without a product (whether physical or virtual), and a product does not go without a brand. Too many brands unfortunately tend to forget it nowadays and spread their image while dispersing and weakening it.

Our brand image creation services range from naming (name search, domain name, INIPI filing, etc.) to various logo design searches in the form of a symbol and / or typography. But also letterhead, print and web business cards, consulting, webdesign, creation of brand book and graphic charter containing the "do & don'ts", color codes, different types of texts and typographies to use in conjunction with brand etc. We are developing this set together with our clients, having analyzed their demand, their target and their market, in order to arrive at a strong and relevant project, of which our clients and ourselves will be proud.

We believe in the combination of brand design and product / packaging design, in their synergy and development together. We can work equally well on packaging of containers, glass, wood, bio plastic, as sleeves, cardboard and paper boxes, alibis or VIP boxes. From the creation of brands and content for the luxury or retail, through technology, spirits, cosmetics and agrofood industries. Digital or offset printing have no secrets for us and we will be happy to offer you projects with different variations such as embossing, hot gold or silver, selective varnishes, lamination and use of Pantone colors.

These two creative sectors of identity and packaging are not, however, our only cards to play. We love working on communication, web and print graphic design, product design, illustration (we adapt to the desired style), retail (displays and stands), as well as furniture design, up to the full store / restaurant concept.

Our creative solutions have no limits and will always adapt to your needs, hand in hand with your aspirations.


Jimmy Delatour, Creative Director, Designer and Founder of Delatour Design Paris.

Jimmy Delatour, Creative Director, Designer and Founder of Delatour Design Paris.