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Concept and Design of a range of over-packaging / bio-rubber tableware.

Items given as gifts in BigMac menus. French fries, burger, sunday and drink.

© Studio Delatour Design Paris / McDonald's


Product design, Art direction, packaging design


McDonalds / The Marketing Store



McDonald's design project, packaging or tableware ?

Imagine a whole new user experience ... and I'm not talking about an app!
But more about how you will eat your BigMac at home, alone or with your friends before going to party.

The Marketing Store France came to us with the need for a modern and strong project to replace the Coca-Cola glass, a gift seen over and over again accompanying the BigMac menu of their main client McDonald's.
We offered them as requested superb customed designs of stoneware dishesand rendered in 3D for each item of the menu, the BigMac of course, the fries, the sunday and the drink.

However, my favorite project remains this one : not regular MacDonald's tableware, plate, pot and glass, but a faceted hybrid, between plates and overwrap organic rubber packaging (bio-rubber)! No more cardboard and stains right on the table, no plates you put your fries and burgers in by hand to make your table less messy, but rubber shells in which to place your BigMac, your fries, the Sunday and drink directly in without even taking them out of their original packaging boxes.

The idea? To make the BigMac experience more stylish, more elegant, but without losing the fast food spirit and the use to which McDonald's customers are accustomed to, which in some way would fade with the use of classic plates. Of course, each item is marked and signed with the M, reusable, washable and recyclable. Little plus, we added a place to pour the ketchup for the fries. They loved it! Unfortunately, after some customer testing, it was decided that the market was not yet ready for this project. What do you think ? Would you like to have this hybrid packaging tableware as a gift instead of a Coca-Cola glass?

Jimmy Delatour, founder of Delatour Design studio.

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