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Packaging design and art direction for Hediard filled chocolate bars. Colonial Counter Inspiration. Artistic direction and graphic design. © Delatour Design Paris / Hédiard.


Packaging design, Art direction





Colonial concept chocolate vintage packaging

The Brand Hediard (Hédiard in French), is what we call an old "maison" (or "house" in english).

It means that it is close to being an institution, Like Louis Vuitton for example. It's luxury delicatessen has been around in France since 1854, so close to 2 centuries !

When they asked our graphic design studio to re-design they stuffed chocolate bars packaging, we pushed hard to direct them towards the original history of the brand :the colonial counter.

Hediard was sending they ships to each corner of the world to secure curious and exotic goods that no one ever taste in France in this time : spices, fruits, cocoa, varieties of teas and coffees...
We wanted to value this history of pioneers and did our best to keep the actual identity and luxury status of the brand while giving it a colonial twist.

A hot gold stamp, the grid with the product complience to the quality standards and origin, like we could find on the vintage exportation labels 150 years ago.

Jimmy Delatour, founder of Delatour Design studio.

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