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Art direction, Logo & brand identity design, labels and packagings design, branding of the wellness CBD brand Cannabissina. Letterhead, business cards design. Los Angeles based Brand, Organic product without THC © Studio Delatour Design Paris / Cannabissina.


Art direction, Packaging Design,

Graphic Design, logo design, label design, web design, creative consulting.


Cannabissina, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California




A branding made to stand out in the CBD competitive market.

This is the story of how we designed our first CBD branding project.
We received an email from a potential client (she found us on instagram) who just created her brand and went for the free logo and packaging design service included in her manufacturer deal. However,  deeply unsatisfied by that service, she was now asking us to pitch her what we would do to improve her brand and why she should choose our studio Delatour Design Paris for her new brand Identity, branding and packaging designs. In an over saturated CBD  market, where a new brand appears every week, it seemed obvious that our main concern would be to make her products stand out when placed next to her competitors on the shelves (as it was not just an internet brand) and of course  that we had the ability and expertise to do it as a studio. Apparently from the numerous design studios that she enquired about, none of them gave her this straight and obvious answer. After a few phone calls and emails it was a Go! We were to create the new Cannabissina identity and product line!

After extensive benchmark we started to develop various design options that we considered original and different enough to make the brand get to the top, we went for a slick and simple logo on a black background, a font reminding the old print types, fitting to the tag line “through ancient wisdom”. The CBD wellness brand (THC free), was to be based on natural vegan products and on old medicine practice. A brand associated with nature, planting a tree for each product sold and promoting agro forestry and sustainability with original ingredients combinations. The Labels (pure as the logo) using a CBD molecular formula as a stamp and a grid reminding the vintage quality ingredients checklists. The names and font structures would remind as well a dictionary definition to emphasize the wisdom and old medicine influence of the brand. The name itself giving a clear understanding of what the products contain and what the brand is about, we chose to stay clear of any cannabis leaves symbol. Not only the logo, branding, letter head, packaging design, the Delatour Design studio advised as well on the web design, photo shootings and general art direction of the collection. We trust that this brand is about to become much more than a regular CDB brand and that it’s branding associated to the quality of its product will keep it on the top shelf for a long time.

Jimmy Delatour, founder and designer at Delatour Design Studio, Paris. /

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