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Creation of a chic picnic bag / alibi pack for the Boizel Champagne house. Straw and pearls. Limited edition. © Delatour Design Paris / Royal River Edition.


Packaging design


Boizel / Douzal / Baron Philippe de Rothschild France Distribution (Campari France)



Champagne packaging for a picnic chic.

A summer small size pink champagne bottle, is there anything more french ?
Douzal Paris, an influence and communication Agency needed a new "alibi" project for Champagne brand Boizel.

What is an "alibi" you might ask ? Well, by definition it's a pretext, a justification. To put it simple it's a marketing operation with the goal to promote an existing product,
through the creation of a new accessory, like a packaging for example, connected to a specific event or time in the year.

The product to be promoted was a small size pink champagne bottle, very feminine and elegant.
We came up (with the bilateral work of french agency Royal River with this summer basket packaging, enabling you to transport your favorite champagne to a picnic-chic on the quai de Notre-Dame or in the Jardin des Tuileries. A handmade straw pouch, designed to fit the bottle like a glove.

The glamourous detail ?
Two pearls, used as closing elements of the pouch / basket.

Jimmy Delatour, founder of Delatour Design studio.

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